Neville Morrissette

Operations Manager (Lower Mainland)

What’s your favourite thing about working at Nortrans?
It’s the people: the staff, the other drivers, and our customers. I’m in a position where I’m fortunate enough to interact with almost all of our customers and most of our office staff, and I have to say we have an amazing team.

How did you get your start in the transportation industry?
I guess you could say driving is in my blood. My dad was a truck driver, my older brothers are both truck drivers, and I started driving when I was 19. So, at 55 years old I’ve been around the industry a while.

It’s a sunny, Saturday afternoon in August. What are you up to?
Well, probably a couple of things: out with my wife riding the Harley and paddling dragon boats and outrigger canoes across Harrison Lake. We try to paddle together a few times a week, or around 25 kms – it’s great exercise.